Is standard storage
safe enough?
Shouldn't your important
archives be protected?
Does your archive
survive retention?

Archive storage

You can also store archives at Schipper Safestore. For many important archives containing confidential documentation standard storage solutions are not safe enough.  Our fire-resistant, climate-controlled archive storage meets the most stringent requirements and is professionally secured and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will have access to your official documentation at any time. Our archive solutions are extremely suitable for storing historical archives, city archives, administrations, files of judicial authorities and documentations like patents and contracts. We take care of storage of your documentation during the complete period counting as data retention. We also carry out professional data destruction, both for printed and digital archives. 

Professionally secured archive storage

Thanks to our 35 years’ experience we can guarantee safe storage. Our building is situated 20 meters above sea level (no flooding danger), has been equipped with the most advanced security technologies and is monitored continuously. The building is property of Schipper Safestore and is not accessible to third parties. Our secured pick-up and return service enables us to transport your valuable archives discrete and safe. We use fully screened employees, usually former policemen or defence employees with long record of service within Schipper Safestore. Yearly, our employees are thoroughly screened for judicial antecedents and financial circumstances. 

Safe, closed deposits for your file storage

Our climate-controlled archive storage facilities are professionally secured and have been systematically classified. They have been equipped with an external air quality system and humidly control system. Result: moisture-free archive, always constant temperature, no risks of leaks and you will have the safest possible storage solution for your archive. Preferring physical storage of your archives to digital storage has another advantage: it is completely hacker- proof. 

  • 24/7 secured transport
  • Hacker- proof
  • Elevated storage +20 NAP
  • 24/7 professionally secured storage
  • Fire-resistant storage
  • Screened employees
  • Air-conditioned storage
  • Customized storage solutions
  • Business continuity guaranteed


Secured archive storage

At Schipper Safestore you can rent fire-resistant, closed safe deposits in climate-controlled storage rooms, meaning discretion, security and monitoring. 

Multiple years retention

For many regular archives a retention of a couple of years is applicable. Besides, historical archives must be stored safely in order to secure long-term storage.