Irreplaceable art
deserves secure storage
Which masterpiece
is invaluable?
Your valuable art
always securely stored
Is discrete transport
important for you?
Is safe really
safe enough?

Art storage

For the storage of valuable art in the broadest sense of the word, conditions and security level are crucial. Art storage at Schipper Safestore is more than (temporarily) storing art: we transport and store your masterpieces according to the most stringent requirements. For example in case of renovation, move, temporarily exchange of collection Schipper Safestore offers first-class art storage and –transport: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Our ultramodern climate-controlled vaults can resist all possible damage to your valuable masterpieces. In these vaults your masterpieces will be protected against dust, moisture, fire, radiation and theft. Your art will always, both during transport and storage, be protected against all kinds of damage and theft. Our modern building is situated 20 metres above sea level and has been equipped with the most advanced security technologies, humidity control and air quality systems. The building is our property and is not accessible to third parties. Schipper Safestore is the safest option for (temporarily) storing art and art collections. 

Ultramodern security

Art thefts have always existed. You regularly read news items with regard to stolen masterpieces or damaged museums. Art collections will always remain valuable and unique and therefore bring risks. In spite of security (museums, transport companies) museums often appear to be a successful art theft target. Afterwards, it often turns out security and an inadequate intervention caused the art theft. Schipper Safestore guarantees the best possible security: Thanks to our 35 years’ experience and continuous innovation in the field of security your art collection will be in the safest possible hands. 

Discrete secured transport

Your masterpieces will be transported safely. We use discrete vehicles equipped with the most advanced security technologies which are in constant communication with the monitoring station. Thanks to our track- and trace system we can always check your shipment’s location. The transport is carried out by reliable, fully screened employees: often former policemen or defence employees with long record of service within Schipper Safestore. Due to the confidential character of our service we only hire employees: unsolicited applications are not accepted. 

  • 24/7 professionally secured storage
  • Fire-resistant storage
  • Screened employees
  • Elevated storage +20 NAP
  • Air-conditioned storage
  • Customized storage solutions


Customized art storage solutions

The most diverse products can form an unique collection: you determine how valuable your collection is. We offer the safest possible, customized storage solution.

Secured Art Storage

Schipper Safestore guarantees the safest storage method and transport. Thanks to our location, 20 metres above sea level, discrete transport and climate-controlled, strictly secured vaults you will minimize the risk of theft or damage.