Which place deserves
pioneering research?
What if your samples fall
into the wrong hands?
What is plan B
in case of power failure?

About secured cold storage

For human tissue or biomedical samples a correct, climate-controlled storage is highly important. It often concerns unique, valuable and fragile material which may not get damaged, both during storage and transport. A constant temperature is required and should be guaranteed, power failure should be excluded. It concerns irreplaceable material, a result of months/years of research. Schipper Safestore offers the most advanced storage technologies and carries out secured cold transport. 

Knowledge and experience in cold storage

Schipper Safestore has the knowledge, experience and the most advanced storage technologies to store products like biomedical samples and human tissue discrete and safe. Thanks to our national coverage and transport network we can transport these fragile goods fast, adequate and safe. Our employees our available 24 hours a day by telephone. In emergency cases Schipper Safestore will make sure your material will be delivered to you within max. 2 hours, in perfect condition.

  • Cold storage
  • National coverage
  • 24/7 professionally secured storage
  • Emergency power
  • 2 hours emergency service
  • Business continuity guaranteed
  • Customized storage solutions
  • Track & Trace


Permanent professional security

Storing human tissue and samples safely at Schipper Safestore means security. Keeping our security background in mind, we can guarantee permanent professional security of your valuable samples.

Safe cooled transport

All our vehicles have on-board track- and trace systems enabling you to monitor your shipment’s location at any time. Combined with our discrete, fully screened employees and secured, cooled vehicles we guarantee safe, customized transport.