How many copies of your
unique documents do you have?
Do you store your spare keys
in the drawer?
Have you stored
your secret recipe safely?

About safe deposit box

Except for the fact that payment activities of banks increasingly take place online, it becomes harder and harder to rent a physical safe deposit box at regular banks, although a secured safe deposit box might be essential in some cases, like storing important documents such as patents, contracts or bonds. Documents or collections which are unique and irreplaceable and will have adverse effects when lost or damaged. A safe deposit box might also be extremely suitable for storing data carriers like USB sticks, CDs or memory cards. Physical storage of such data carriers is always safer than storing them in the so-called ‘Cloud’: after all, you can never be sure who has access to these data. Storage at Schipper Safestore is fraud-insensitive and discrete. You can even determine the authorization yourself, in consultation. 

Alternative risk goods

Besides above mentioned clear examples which require a safe storage, there are a number of alternatives you might not come up with yourself. What about a car museum with a large collection of exclusive old-timers? If you keep keys and car papers of all these valuable collector items on location, it might bring risks. Or a construction company with a fleet (shovels etc.): Keeping the spare keys on location or at home brings large risks. In this and in much more other specific cases renting a secured safety deposit box might help you out. 

Conditions for renting a safe deposit box

It used to be possible to rent a safe deposit box with your bank. Banks increasingly stop offering this service. You can rent a safe deposit box, both business and private, with Schipper Safestore. You will always have access to your safe deposit box, by appointment only however. Our employees are available 24 hours a day, by telephone. Prior to accepting your request, we will screen the applicant through public sources to check if you meet all our conditions. 


  • It is not allowed to store cash money, precious  metals or jewellery.

  • You must have Dutch nationality (demonstrably)

  • In case there is any doubt concerning the good’s legality, a request is not accepted

  • It is not allowed to store food or perishables

  • You must take out insurance yourself: we only guarantee maximum security of your goods

  • Your goods will always be checked by an employee of Schipper Safestore in advance,  in your presence. 

  • Business continuity guaranteed
  • Hacker- proof
  • Customized storage solutions
  • Elevated storage +20 NAP
  • Screened employees
  • Fire-resistant storage
  • 24/7 professionally secured storage


Safe physical storage

Physical storage of such data carriers is always safer than storing them in the so-called ‘Cloud’: after all, you can never be sure who has access to these data.

Business continuity guaranteed

Renting a safe deposit box means minimizing the risks of losing business-sensitive data, fraud in the cloud and theft. You can continue focusing on your core business while Schipper Safestore will guarantee your business continuity.