How many copies of your
unique documents do you have?
Do you store your spare keys
in the drawer?
Have you stored
your secret recipe safely?

Safe deposit box

You can easily rent a secured safe deposit box at Schipper Safestore. Banks increasingly offer less safe deposits boxes to entrepreneurs. Schipper Safestore, however, has a special department with modern, secured safe deposits. Under certain conditions it is possible to rent a personal, secured safe deposit box or vault to store your valuable documents or goods. Easy accessible and 100% safe. 

Secured safe deposit box rental

Schipper Safestore offers professional safe deposit boxes for your valuable documents. All our secured vaults and individually closed safe deposit boxes, equipped with the most advanced security technologies, meet the most stringent safety standards. Security is carried out by fully screened employees, usually former policemen or defence employees with long record of service within Schipper Safestore. Schipper Safestore guarantees the safest solution for storage of patents, bonds, contracts and licenses. Perhaps you have an unique recipe which should remain top secret just like for example the famous soft drink manufacturer from the US. 

Professionally secured vault

You can rent a (part of a) professionally secured vault to store large amounts of valuable documents or goods. All our safe deposit boxes and vaults meet the most stringent safety standards and can resist fire, flooding and radiation. Our building with safe deposit boxes is situated 20 metres above sea level (no flooding danger) and is professionally secured and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please contact us to rent a personal safe, safe room or safe deposit box. 

  • Business continuity guaranteed
  • Hacker- proof
  • Customized storage solutions
  • Elevated storage +20 NAP
  • Screened employees
  • Fire-resistant storage
  • 24/7 professionally secured storage


Safe physical storage

Physical storage of such data carriers is always safer than storing them in the so-called ‘Cloud’: after all, you can never be sure who has access to these data.

Business continuity guaranteed

Renting a safe deposit box means minimizing the risks of losing business-sensitive data, fraud in the cloud and theft. You can continue focusing on your core business while Schipper Safestore will guarantee your business continuity.