What’s the consequence of fire
for your business continuity?
Do you store your valuable data
at 20 meters above sea level?
Do you have 35 years’
experience in security?

U.S. military weapons stolen from the cloud

Valuable, unique documents should be stored safely with the greatest care. Damage, theft or destruction can have major consequences for valuable documentation. When it concerns private and secret information, secure storage is even more essential.

Recently, the risks of unsafe, digital storage became painfully clear: Chinese hackers have managed to get secret digital blueprints of various advanced U.S. weapon systems such as patriot missiles, jets and helicopters. Herewith, the Chinese saved themselves 25 years of expensive research. What will be the effect of this theft for the advantage the U.S. Military had?

This example shows once again how nearly impossible it is to store valuable and secret digital documents securely. The advantages of secure, physical storage, like in the modern secured bunkers of Schipper Safestore, are in this case very clear.

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