What’s the consequence of fire
for your business continuity?
Do you store your valuable data
at 20 meters above sea level?
Do you have 35 years’
experience in security?

Customized solutions

Anything can be unique; each company has different valuable goods. A couple of them are universal. We offer customized solutions: The best security tailored to the goods. In this way we can guarantee maximum security and prevention. You invest in storage for your products, we invest in offering the most advanced security technology. We offer customized quotations. After all: any product is unique, so is its security method. 

Unique, safe storage solutions

We are completely flexible with regard to our safe storage solutions and can offer customized solutions. With or without transport, closed archive storage or personal vaults. We develop a customized solution for each order, whether it concerns transport and storage of archives, art collections or renting a safe deposit box. We guarantee the most flexible and safest solution. Request a customized quotation straight away, tailored to your unique storage needs.