What’s the consequence of fire
for your business continuity?
Do you store your valuable data
at 20 meters above sea level?
Do you have 35 years’
experience in security?

Data destruction

If you want to destroy data, you want to be sure the data is destroyed permanently. At Schipper Safestore data is always destroyed under our supervision. We guarantee safety: our employees have been screened thoroughly. We are responsible for the data from the moment we collect it until destruction. 

Server dismantlement

We dismantle your server with best care possible. Your business information may not get lost. Our main priority is that you can leave the dismantlement to us with confidence. Thanks to our trained employees and a systematic working method we guarantee your server will be destroyed safely. 


After destruction residual waste remains. We will make sure this waste is processed correctly, in accordance with environmental guidelines. In this way Schipper Safestore contributes to a better environment and you will meet your Green-IT or MVO- goals.