What’s the consequence of
fire for your business continuity?
Do you store your valuable data
at 20 meters above sea level?
Do you have 35 years’
experience in security?

Why Safestore?

Schipper Safestore offers secured storage space. Thanks to our 35 years’ experience we can guarantee safe, first-class storage. We are specialist in the field of secured storage. We store (art-) collections, biomedical samples, archives, bonds and other unique, irreplaceable goods. 

Safety, discretion & prevention

Schipper Safestore is about prevention and minimizing risks. Just insuring valuable properties is not good enough. In case of damage or theft the product is often irreplaceable. Unique, valuable goods aren’t used every day and must therefore be stored as safe as possible: Not only preventive against theft but also against unexpected damage like fire, water damage, dust, temperature differences, sun light and moisture. Even during unsafe transport there might be a chance your valuable goods get damaged or are stolen. By choosing the safe storage solutions offered by Schipper Safestore you will minimize these risks significantly.

Screened employees

All our employees have been fully screened and usually have a long record of service within Schipper Safestore. Many of them are irreproachable, former policemen. 

24/7 professionally secured storage

Our buildings and vehicles are professionally secured and monitored by our security team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Fully certified

Schipper Safestore is your professional and reliable partner in safe storage. We work according to all applicable certification standards. 

Fire-resistant storage

Our storage facilities meet the latest requirements with regard to fire safety. Our building is completely fire retardant and our vaults are fire-resistant. 

2 hours emergency service

Thanks to our national coverage and extensive transport network we can realize emergency transport within 2 hours, in case of calamities. 

National coverage

Thanks to our network throughout the Netherlands our transport service can guarantee national coverage. 

Hacker- proof

Hacker- proof physical storage: Your business-sensitive information is 100% safe with us!

Cold storage

We offer safe cold storage at a constant temperature of -86 degrees Celsius. 

Track & Trace

Our vehicles have been equipped with a track & trace- system, enabling you to check your shipment’s location at any time. 

Emergency power

In order to be able to guarantee a constant temperature of -86 degrees Celsius for cold storage, we have a backup power unit. A possible power failure doesn’t have any consequences. 

35 years’ experience

We have 35 years’ experience in security and secured storage. Thanks to continuous innovation we can guarantee first-class security. 

Customized storage solutions

As storage needs are unique, we offer customized storage solutions to guarantee the safest as possible storage solutions at all time. 

Air-conditioned storage

We offer professionally secured safe deposit boxes with climate- and moisture controlled system. 

Elevated storage +20 NAP

Our storage rooms are situated in inconspicuous places at the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, at 20 meters above sea level (no flooding risk). 

24/7 secured transport

Our vehicles have been secured according to the latest technologies and are driven by professional security guards. 

Business continuity guaranteed

By storing business-sensitive information safely at Schipper Safestore you will always have access to your sealed backups. In this way we can guarantee your business continuity.